Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WannaCry Ransomware picture collection from infected countries around the world

The biggest cyberattack in history infected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries and paralyzed computers and networks around the world, including the ones that run Britain's hospital network, Germany's national railway, Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia, telecommunications giant Telefonica, Nissan, Renault, FedEx and many of other companies and government agencies worldwide.

Without any introduction, because it has been said a lot about this Ransomware, I just jump right into the main point of this blog post where I have put together collection of pictures taken during WannaCry Ransomware rampage. Feel free to post more pictures in the comments.

For those interested here is map of infections:
Number of Bitcoins Ransomware collected:


Somewhere in Japan


Chinese University. Student theses were locked. Some may face delay of graduation.



Somewhere in Vietnam

In Vietnam WannaCry infected ~1,900 computers

Indian bank ATM

Operator control and monitoring system in Italy

National Police Bureau, Thailand

ATM in Jawa, Indonesia

ATM in Indonesia

ATM's in Indonesia are offline due to WannaCry

Store in Japan

Somewhere in Vietnam

Somewhere in Vietnam

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

Queue system of a hospital in Jakarta

Somewhere in the world

Under Wine you can infect your Linux desktop too

A Bayer MedRad device used to assist in MRI scans infected with the WannaCry ransomware.

WBSEDCL OFFICE at Malbazar in Dooars, India

This is a CJ CGV screen in Seoul that has been crippled by Wanna Cry ransomware

General practice surgery in Preston the north of England. Credits to @fendifille

Somewhere in Italy

Somewhere in Germany

Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

Somewhere in Russia

Let's start with one of the first infected countries, England and Spain.
Figure 1 NHS hospital in England

Figure 2 London GP sees when trying to connect to the NHS network

Figure 3 Telefonica Tells Employees to Shut Down Computers Amid Massive Ransomware

Figure 4 Germany's national railway

Figure 6 Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia

Figure 7 Russian telecommunications company Megafon

Figure 8 Somewhere in Russia

Figure 9 Russian Railways center

Figure 10 Probably Nissan product line

Figure 11 The University  of Milano-Bicocca, Italia

Figure 12 Saudi Telecom Company

Figure 13 Thailand

Figure 14 Bank of China ATMs
Figure 15 Chinese traffic police

Figure 16 Chinese University

Figure 17 Somewhere in Nordic parking lot

Figure 18 Store in Singapore thanks to Goi

Figure 19 Local mall in Singapure - Tiong Bahru Plaza

Figure 20 Building lobby

Figure 21 Chile Moviestar

Figure 22 Pakistan


Still not enough?

Few pictures for those who are already fed up with WannaCry.

Patriarch of Russian Orthodox church making sure that the Ministry of Internal Affairs computers won't get affected by WannaCry virus attack


  1. #18 is in Singapore as well


    These two are ticket dispensers/payment terminals of the Dutch QPark company in The Netherlands

  3. Figure 5 is in The Netherlands in parking systems of Q-Park, not germany. See source


    For more articles...

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